5 in 1 Lightning Audio & Data Hub - Gold & Cherry

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5 in 1 Lightning Audio & Data Hub

Compatible with all lightning jack iPads , iPhones and iPods

New: Lightning Hub for Apple iPad . Smart , Compact and durable brushed aluminium Smart Hub with 5 solutions for your iPad in one smart device :

  •  import from all you memory cards (SD/TF) instantly and directly to your iPad , its that easy !
  • USB input to Connect any Regular USB device , including extra memory drives and sticks to extend your iPad Memory (supported with iPadOS)
  • Charge your device with the lightning power input to the Hub . While using all other functions.
  • Audio Jack - connect any headphones to the hub for high quality music stream. 
  • Connect & sync iPhone to iPad - transfer media and files between them and even charge your phone from your iPad while doing so

explore endless possibilities with this new and improved device. 

Detailed supported devices list:

7.9" iPad mini 1 (A1432, A1454, A1455)
7.9" iPad mini 2 (A1489, A1490)
7.9" iPad mini 3 (A1599, A1600)
7.9" iPad mini 4 (A1538, A1550)
7.9" iPad mini 5 (A2133, A2124, A2126, A2125)  
9.7" iPad Air1 (A1474, A1475)
9.7" iPad Air2 (A1566, A1567)
9.7" iPad 5 2017 (A1822, A1823)
9.7" iPad 6 2018 (A1893, A1954)
9.7" iPad Pro (A1673, A1674, A1675)
10.2" iPad 7th Generation (A2197, A2200 , A2199, A2198)
10.5" iPad Pro (A1701, A1709)
10.5" 2019 iPad Air 3 (A2152, A2123, A2153, A2154)
12.9" iPad Pro (A1584, A1652, A1670, A1671)
All lightning iPhones and iPods