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About Gold & Cherry

Gold&Cherry was funded in 2014 with one simple goal: improve the iPad user experience and make it better than ever.

iPads are here for entertainment , for communication with friends and even for work, they made out of high end materials and design to perfection, unveiled in 2010, the Apple iPad like many other Apple products formed a revolution in the computing world, The iPad computing power and slick design took the world by a storm. 

Ever since the first version, we felt that that original ingenious design was amazing for daily use it felt like it needed extra assistance in some utilitarian area. 
We design stunning MacBook like keyboards that serve not only as an easy way to type but also keep your precious iPad protected at all times and adding it with many new features that are possible only when your hands are free. 

More than that, Gold&Cherry Smart Keyboard case is a Smart case worthy for your iPad, from the streamline design to the high grade build , our keyboards will make your iPad more than just an iPad, it will make it almost a Mac user experience.

Gold & Cherry aims to provide a service as solid as our keyboard and provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for our client, if you need anything, no matter if or when you have purchased , please Contact us and we promise to take care of any need you might have.