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Apple iPad keyboard case installation:
1) Play Video to learn how to place your iPad in & out of the case :

2) How to Pair your iPad with the smart keyboard case
In order to connect your iPad to your keyboard use this 3 steps :
Please notice there are 2 options for doing that depending on your case
3) Play Video and learn how to enable and use your smart case Trackpad

To learn about trackpad gestures and advanced settings Visit here 


Apple Watch case installation video, click here for full guide page 

Full PDF manuals to View or download :

iPad 12.9":
Smart case for ipad pro 12.9" pro (1-2 Gen)
Smart case for ipad pro 12.9" pro (3-5 Gen)
Trackpad smart case for ipad pro 12.9" (3-5 Gen)
iPad 10.9" & 11":
Smart case for iPad Air4 10.9" & Pro 11"

iPad 10.2" & 10.5":
Smart 10.2"&10.5" iPad Pro Premium keyboard Case
Trackpad smart case for ipad 10.2"-10.5" (7th-9th,air3, pro )

iPad 9.7":
Trackpad smart case for iPad 9.7" (5,6,AIR1,AIR2,PRO)
360°Swivel Smart Case For 9.7" IPAD (5,6,AIR1,AIR2,PRO)

iPad mini 7.9":
 7.9" iPad Mini keyboard Case
Premium Smart 7.9" iPad Mini keyboard Case

Other iPad Accessories :

Smart iPad-OS Mouse Manual 

IpadOS hubs manual