Track Order

Thank you for your purchase , Generally our products leave the warehouse within 12-24 hours from order date. 
Tracking information should be provided within 24-72 hours Via mail from 
once provided with a tracking code you can track your order using 3 simple steps:

  • copy the tracking code provided on your order shipping confirmation email (*if you did not find it look for email from, please also check spam box)
  • Go to the tracking section below and choose your language from the top bar
  • Paste the tracking code in the text box and click "Track" 

Your item status can show any one of this options :

  • "not found" - sometimes it might take up to 7 days for tracking to show up on the online tracking system. please try tracking 7 days after purchase 
  • "in Transit" - while in transit the item will go Via stations on its way to your final address, each station will show up on the tracking history list.
  • "Pick up" - in case of failed delivery attempts,  or remote locations you might be requested to pick up your goods from your local post office. you shell do that within 7 days or you risk loosing your item.
  • "Alert" - in case of address format error or unsolved customs issues, the item will be destroyed by the post office or sent back to sender. if you see this status please email support for solution
  • "undelivered" - In case off Multiple failed delivery attempts to the provided address the item might be destroyed by the shipping carrier. 
  • "delivered" - will show only once the item is delivered to the address