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Identify Your iPad Model

Apple doesn't simply write the generation and model name on the back of each iPad,  Instead you will find a model number in the About section of your ipad settings or marked on the back of your iPad , and you can use this to search for the suitable items on our shop.

The easy way to find your iPad Model Number is to use the  iPad "Settings" app>> Then click "General" >> then click "About" >> Look for  the Model Number Row >> Tap on it once to see the model in the format of Capital A followed by 4 numbers (* if your result does not starts with "A" you need to tap it) 

input the Model Number in the search box and find the right products for your iPad .

Watch a short movie how to identify your iPad Via the settings app:


iPad Model Number 

The number you're looking for is labelled 'Model' On the iPad back, For example, the Model Number is A1219 (shown in the zoom-in), using this format of Capital "A" followed by 4 numbers is the iPad Model number.

Once you've found your device's Model number, you can easily type it in this search box below and find the right products for your iPad.

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