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Identify Your iPad Model

Apple has created several iPad models and generations in different sizes over the years .

It is important you would find out your official Apple "Model number" of your iPad to insure a perfect fit with out Smart-Cases.

There are 2 easy ways to identify your exact iPad model number and search for it on our shop to find the suitable iPad smart case.

Option 1 :VIA SETTINGS - Recommended

  • Go to  iPad "Settings" app
  • Click "General" >> then click "About"
  • Look for  the "Model"  Row
  •  Tap on that row once  to see the model in the format of Capital "A" followed by 4 numbers in such format ( for ExA1701)
  • Copy & Paste the Final model number to our search box to find your items
Step 2 -
  • Look for  the "Model"  Row
  •  Tap on that row once  to see the model in the format of Capital "A" followed by 4 numbers in such format ( for ExA1701)
Step 3-
  • Copy & Paste the Final model number to our search box to find your items


Another option is to look at the iPad back label to find your model number and you can use it to search for suitable items on our shop.

The number you're looking for is labelled 'Model' On the iPad back, For example, the Model Number is A1538 (shown in the zoom-in), using this format of Capital "A" followed by 4 numbers is the iPad Model number.

input the Model Number in the search box and find the right products for your iPad .

This is how this method looks like: