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ℹ️ Identify Your iPad Model

Here are 2 easy ways to identify your exact iPad model Number in seconds.

It is important to find out your official Apple iPad "Model number" in order to insure the perfect fit with our Smart keyboard Cases and accessories.

Method # 1 :

• Go to  iPad  "Settings" app Click "General" > click "About"

• Look for  the "Model"row **(( 👆 Tap that row once to switch format to 5 digits code Starting with Capital "A" followed by 4 numbers  (for ExA1701))

• Copy that model number to the search box to find compatible items

Search the model number to find your iPad smart case:

Watch a video of this process :

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Method #2:

Look at the iPad back label to find your official iPad model number. The number you're looking for is labelled 'Model' On the iPad back, For example, the Model Number is A1701  (shown in the zoom-in photo below) Get yours and you can use it to search for suitable items on our shop: