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ℹ️ Identify Your iPad Model

Here are 2 easy ways to identify your exact iPad ‘Model Number’ in seconds.

Your iPad’s official Apple "Model number" is the best way to insure a perfect fit with our Smart keyboard Cases & accessories.

Method #1 :  

• Go to iPad "Settings" (App) > click "General" > click "About”

• Look for “Model” row❗️If the number you see has a slash "/" (Ex: MY3K2LL/A) 👆 Tap this row once❗️This switches this format to the necessary format - Capital "A" and 4 numbers (Ex: A1701)

• Copy your “Model number” into the search box below to match it with our compatible products

Still Need help? Watch a video of this process :

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Method #2:

• Look at your iPad back side for the small printed label. Your official ‘Model number’ labelled as 'Model' On your iPad back Like shown in this photo below: 

• Copy your model number into the search box below to match it with our compatible products