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Identify Your iPad Model

Apple have made Many iPad models in the past years and On this Gold&Cherry guide we will help you find your iPad model.

Find Out Your iPad Model Numbers 

Apple doesn't simply write the generation and model name on the back of each iPad,  Instead you will find a model number marked on the back of your iPad , and you can use this to work out the rest.

The number you're looking for is labelled, sensibly enough, 'Model', but we often call it the "A number". On the iPad below, For example, the "A number" (shown in the zoomed-in inset at the top right) is A1652, which tells us it's an iPad Pro 12.9.

Once you've found your device's "A number", you can easily tell which iPad it is by checking it against the following table , and if you type in your ipad version model in this search box below then you can find all supporting cases for it (may be just one option for your iPad)

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