Pair your iPad with the smart keyboard case

*Notice there are 2 ways depending on your case layout
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Smart case Reset & Troubleshooting:

  • Charge the case using a suitable wall charger for another 3-4 hours preferably using your iPad charger or charger purchased from us.
  • Turn on the keyboard case, depending on your model, switch on the microswitch on the case right-hand side or hold the power key on the right upper corner of the keyboard for 3 seconds.
  • Reset the keyboard case by holding the "L" & "S" & "Z" keys for 5 seconds
  • Enter pairing mode depending on your model, Hold the left "FN" & "C" keys for 5 seconds OR use the keyboard Bluetooth pairing button 🔗, then go to your iPad settings & find "iPad keyboard" & hit it to pair.
  • in case of pairing issues: Go to your iPad Settings > Bluetooth > My devices click on ( i ) next to the iPad keyboard and do "Forget this device" and repeat the second to fourth steps.
If your case LED indicates that it's charging, try to turn it on while plugged into the power charger, Connect it to the iPad with the regular steps suggested in the manual and see if it works while connected to power. if it does work unplugged the power cable and sees if the case carries on working. If it does we can eliminate that issue with the battery. if it turns off and stops working then it's a bad battery and you should let me know to arrange a free replacement.
  • To conserve battery, before pairing your Smart case will enter sleep mode within a few seconds. After pairing within 10 minutes. Your smart case will enter sleep mode when both devices are closed like a laptop. make sure you turn the case on if you try to pair it.
  • At the moment iPadOS keyboard support functions are frequently updated by Apple and sometimes it takes several versions to update for a specific app to work well with our (or any) keyboard.

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