We understand mistakes can happen and you might have ordered the wrong part, Our agents be happy to assist in this process.
Simply let us know if you need a replacement part via Email to support@goldandcherry.com together with the reason or issue so we can help you source the right part for your needs and help you return your item(s).

We support replacements for new in the box item/s within 30 days of receiving your order.  
Each item description lists the supported Apple devices for it.
We can understand it can be confusing sometimes, for that reason we have created our model Identification guide, Please go over our guide to find out your Apple's device model and our available matching products. 

To replace an item choose one of two options:
Option 1 - Buy the right item and return the wrong one for a refund:
  1. Go ahead and place a new order with the right items from our shop
  2. Send us the return request (email support@goldandcherry.com)  for the original order with the item/s you like to return.

Option 2 - Return the original item for a model/size replacement:

  1. Send us the return request email to support@goldandcherry.com to get a return label for the item/s
  2. Once delivered back you would be Credited/Charged any price differences and new shipping fees for the replacement
We can help you with the identification process to figure out your Apple device model and we can guarantee a perfect fit.

Office hours

Monday – Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm EST
Email contact: support@goldandcherry.com


We approve refunds of new in-the-box item/s. 
Create a return for refund request via email to support@goldandcherry.com to send back your item/s for a refund, To to return for a refund you should reach us within 14 days from the delivery date of your item and ship back by using the provided returns label within 7 days from getting your returns label.

  • Full refund for unused and unopened products. 
    *Minus shipping fee $25
  • Partial refund/store credit for any opened box - Refund amount at the discretion of our quality assurance team.
    **Subject to inspection of product & Box condition & * Minus $25 shipping fee
  • No refund or credit if a product is damaged / unusable / shipped back later than 14 days from receiving your returns label
  • All "out of time" returns for refunds would be replaced with store credits.

* If you have used the "free shipping" offer on your order this promotion will be canceled and the shipping fee of $25 will be taken out of the refund amount.

** Partial refund can be a result of torn/missing/damaged/marked/non reusable:  item box/box sleeve/item manual .

Important :
  • Returns with missing RMA numbers or Returns slip cannot be processed.
  • Take Photos of the product condition before packing and of the package you are about to ship as reference for the inspection team in case issues arise.
In case you decide to return your item for replacement/refund : 
  • Repack the item in the same way you got it, together with the box, box sleeve, user manual, and charging cable.
  • Contact us via Email: support@goldandcherry.com to get the returns info available for your location +  receive your Return Material approval (RMA) number and your returns Slip.
    Recommended to keep a proof of postage in the form of a tracking number/shipping invoice and send it to us VIA Email.

    Returns Address:

    Gold & Cherry Pittston, Pennsylvania, USA - Full address will be given together with the RMA email.


    We understand this can happen, ordering a product then suddenly filled with buyer's remorse!
    If this happens to you, Contact our Support Team at support@goldandcherry.com as soon as possible and we will do our best to cancel your order before it's going in the delivery pipeline.

    If your order has already dropped into the processing phase we can't stop the shipping process. Therefore you will have to return your order for a refund by reaching out and receiving an RMA for the return during our normal 14 days return policy.

    In case of Failed delivery / wrong address/ refusal of acceptance there will be an additional deduction fee of $35 for the delivery return process. 


      Once we receive your return we examine your item(s). Once processed (can take up to 7 business days ) we will refund you in the same way the payment was made (Apple pay/card). The funds should appear on your bank statement within 3-5 working days (how fast? depends on your card issuer). 

      We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop and send you an email as soon as your parcel arrives back at our warehouse, and again when we have processed your refund.

      If you do not see the refund reflected in your banking statement within 30 days of your item delivery to us, please send us your proof of postage delivery. We will refund you on the same day.

        important note that we will not issue payback for any shipping fees/duty fees associated with your returning package. 

        DISCLAIMERS - Gold & Cherry disclaims all liability for any damage or malfunction caused to any separately purchased Apple® products, and shall not be responsible under any implied or expressed warranty or guarantee about any separately purchased Apple®.


        You may not even need to ship the item back for a replacement!
        We do our best to ensure the quality of our items and test each item before it's packed to ensure quality and functionality, it is unfortunate but sometimes cargo may get damaged during the transit process, In case you have received faulty/damaged goods you can open a claim VIA mail to support@goldandcherry.com within 7 days from the delivery date to be eligible for free replacement using our included shipment insurance policy. 
        In your claim Please provide your best description of your issue supported by photos/videos of the item + item Box and item Packaging including the original shipping label as detailed below :

        To process this claim we need the following information:
        • Photo of packaging including packaging label
        • Photo of packaging showing any packaging damage
        • Photo of packaging showing tape to see if it was re-packaged at all
        • Photo or video showing damage of all items being claimed, showing beyond cosmetic damage and causing functional issue