Gold & Cherry, Delaware USA based company, is an Innovation awards winner for designing and creating one of a kind smart solutions for Apple products including Smart cases for iPads, iPhones, Apple watches, as well as premium keyboards, hubs and desk station.

Our background 

We started with the iPad, They arrived into our lives for entertainment , for communication with friends and today even for work, Unveiled in 2010, the Apple iPad like many other Apple products formed a revolution in the computing world, The iPad computing power and slick design took the world by a storm. 

Today we provide premium covers and case solutions to all Apple devices including the Apple watch and the iPhones.

Our mission

Our 1st accomplished mission is our smart keyboard case solution for the iPad, Since the first iPad version was introduced, We felt that the original ingenious design was amazing for some daily use BUT it always felt like it needed extra assistance in some utilitarian area. After few years we decided to design a stunning MacBook like keyboard cases that serve not only as an easy way to type but also keeps your precious iPad protected at all times while adding some major upgrades together with many new features using our smart designed products.

With more then 250,000 units delivered and used by our happy costumers since 2014 its already well known that Gold&Cherry Smart Keyboard case is a Smart case worthy for your iPad, from the streamline design to the high grade build , our keyboard cases will make your iPad more than just an iPad, it will make it more like the MacBook user experience.

Our Evolvement and Growth :

As Apple continued to innovate in different areas , Bringing more and more into the iPads, iPhones and watches abilities so did our users base hunger to get more out of this amazing product have grew, giving us endless possibilities to innovate and answer our daily desires out of our beloved devices , we ended up creating the ultimate Apple supportive echo system for all apple products and we plan to continue to bring only our best work into all our new products designs. 

Why US?
 Provides professional hardware and professional customer service to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for our clients along with super fast Free shipping 🇺🇸 USA domestic & worldwide, if you need anything, no matter if or when you have purchased , please Contact us and we promise to take care of any need you might have. 

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