Why should you get the smart case? 

Top 4 Reasons why you should get the Smart iPad case:

  • Price- At the price of a regular case you can turn your iPad to a premium aluminium MacBook.
  • Design- Without a doubt, the best looking iPad case ever to seen, and best protection is provided with a hard exterior shell that perfectly supports your iPad weight. 
  • Utility- Make all your tasks easy : Emailing, Messages, Browsing, Games and any use you have with a keyboard, Plus it have LED back-lights to illumine the keys in the dark and a 10,000mAh battery 
  • Power Supply- The case is also a power bank that will recharge your iPad when you need some extra battery juice
  • Strong Brushed alloy protection for Ultimate endurance (MacBook Material)


What keyboard layouts are available ?

We made sure to cover all major layouts used in the USA and in Eu , our smart cases come in QWERTY , QWERTZ and AZERTY layouts

What is the case made of ?

When it comes to quality our cases have no match, with supreme human engineering and high end materials such as aluminum  alloy body and apple style keys.

Will it Fit my iPad model ?

We always believe no one should be left behind as technology progress so we made sure we support all iPad models from the first generations to the latest , we always one step ahead of the game !

What case model would fit my iPad ?

Hey, thats easy , we made a simple guide and you will know your iPad exact model in 2 minutes Click here to Check it out now 

How can i buy a smart case ?

All items are sold ONLY on our online store , We invite you to Visit our collection and find the best cover for your iPad 

Does the smart case have USB ports ?

USB, Data ports and other ports can be added separately with our smart case iPad connectors , we have anything from HDMI to DATA ports and you can maximise your iPad potential and use all advanced futures