9.7" iPad (2,3,4) Keyboard Case

Product Ratings

Suitable only for:
9.7" iPad 2 (A1395, A1397, A1396)
9.7" iPad 3 (A1416, A1430, A1403)
9.7" iPad 4 (A1458, A1459, A1460)
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Full iOS Keyboard  support
Durable & Lightweight Complex polymer- only 1.38 lbs (0.63KG)
Up to 6 months Per charge + 2800mA iPad power-bank
0-135° viewing angles
Bluetooth connectivity

Your Next Computer is not a computer!

Top 4 Reasons why you should get the Smart iPad case:

  • Price- At the price of a regular case you can turn your iPad to a Macbook.
  • Design- Without a doubt, the best looking iPad case ever to seen, and best protection is provided with a hard exterior shell that perfectly supports your iPad weight.
  • Utility- Make all your tasks easy : Emailing, Messages, Browsing, Games and any use you have with a keyboard. Internal power bank to charge your iPad on the go!

Protect and store your device while also giving your iPad the typing functionality it deserves. The clamshell clamcase design looks like Macbook's little brother. Provides up to wide degree screen viewing angle with easy iPad control. Features Sleep/Wake functionality that puts your iPad to bed when closing screen.


Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 iPad connection so you don't need cables. Scissor cut keys provide typing experience just like on laptop. Useful shortcut hotkeys make it easy to search, switch language, change volume on iPad, etc. Built-in battery gives 60+ usage hours of keyboard. Full battery recharge in less then 2 hours. IDEAL FOR


Designed to stand your iPad tablet hands free so you can focus on work, reading, typing like on normal computer. Great for men, women, students, boys, girls and kids / children in school.

1395 1397 1396 A1416 1430 1403 1458 1459 1460 MC705LL MC706LL MC707LL MC733LL MC744LL MC755LL MC756LL MC763LL MC764LL MC769LL MC769LL MC770LL MC770LL MC773LL MC774LL MC775LL MC916LL MC916LL MC954LL MC954LL MC954LL MC954LL MC957LL MC979LL MC979LL MC980LL MC980LL MC981LL MC981LL MC982LL MC983LL MC984LL MC985LL MC986LL MC987LL MC989LL MC989LL MC989LL MC989LL MC992LL MD328LL MD329LL MD330LL MD363LL MD364LL MD365LL MD366LL MD367LL MD368LL MD369LL MD370LL MD371LL MD510LL MD511LL MD512LL MD513LL MD514LL MD515LL MD516LL MD517LL MD518LL MD519LL MD520LL MD521LL MD522LL MD522LL MD523LL MD523LL MD524LL MD524LL MD525LL MD525LL MD526LL MD526LL MD527LL MD527LL ME195LL ME195LL ME196LL ME196LL ME197LL ME197LL ME198LL ME198LL ME199LL ME199LL ME200LL ME200LL ME392LL ME393LL ME400LL ME401LL ME406LL ME406LL ME407LL ME407LL ME410LL ME410LL ME411LL ME411LL