Smart 12.9" iPad Pro Premium keyboard Case (1-2 Gen) - AZERTY

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Top 4 Reasons why you should get the Smart iPad case:

  • Price- At the price of a regular case you can turn your iPad to a premium aluminium MacBook.
  • Design- Without a doubt, the best looking iPad case ever to seen, and best protection is provided with a hard exterior shell that perfectly supports your iPad weight. 
  • Utility- Make all your tasks easy : Emailing, Messages, Browsing, Games and any use you have with a keyboard, Plus it have LED back-lights to illumine the keys in the dark and a 10,000mAh battery 
  • Power Supply- The case is also a power bank that will recharge your iPad when you need some extra battery juice
  • Strong Brushed alloy protection for Ultimate endurance (MacBook Material)

    Suitable only for:
    12.9" iPad Pro (A1584,A1652,A1670,A1671)

    For other iPad model Click on its name :
    iPad mini 1-3
    iPad mini 4
    iPad 5-6
    iPad Air 1-2
    iPad Pro 9.7"
    iPad Pro 10.5"

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