Apple is making a huge change to its new iPadOS, introducing mouse support for both USB and Bluetooth devices.
Adding mouse support to iPadOS is significant, even though it’s an accessibility feature. it has implemented this support as an AssistiveTouch feature, the cursor designed to simulate a finger touch, so you can use a mouse to do this instead. Many iPad owners have been asking for some type of cursor support for years, and this is only the start of Apple supporting this more broadly across its new iPadOS.

Once you’ll have iPadOS installed you will be able to enable the mouse support

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

iPad Preparation :

  •  download & install ipadOs on your iPad

Apple official link :

After that is done you can start the pairing process (one time setup) :

  • Turn On the mouse ( switch power button up ) and immediately Press and hold "left click" & "right click" buttons together for 3 seconds to enter pair mode (blue light will start blinking)
  • Open Settings, then choose Accessibility
  • Next tap Touch then AssistiveTouch and toggle it "on"
  • Below tap Pointing Devices
  • Choose Bluetooth Devices…
  • Set your mouse Bluetooth to discoverable (click on the left button for 5 seconds until the blue LED on mouse bottom starts to flash in blue) and select it when it appears on your iPad (bluetooth mouse)
  • Enter the password: "0000" (Zero)
  • All done enjoy 

Here is a step by step if you need extra customisation and visual guidance :

Follow along below for how to customise mouse shortcut buttons along with a detailed walkthrough:

  • Open Settings, then choose Accessibility
  • Next tap Touch
  • Next, tap AssistiveTouch and toggle it "on"
  • Below tap Pointing Devices


    • Make sure your Bluetooth mouse is turned on and is discoverable (click on the "left click" button to enter pair mode).
      Then on iPad settings Tap Bluetooth Devices… to discover the mouse 



  • Tap your mouse when it appears under "devices".



  • Confirm the process when prompted.
  • Enter the password: "0000" (Zero)



  • When Assistive Touch is turned on and a mouse is paired, your iPad will show a circular cursor like below:


  • As shown above, click or tap the “i” to customize your mouse buttons.



  • Now choose Customize Additional Buttons…



  • iPadOS will have you click the mouse button you’d like to customize , then choose your preferred performed shortcut.


  • iPadOS supports multiple shortcut buttons



  • Back under the main Assistive Touch settings, you can adjust the tracking speed of your mouse from your iPad as well as opt to turn off the default AssistiveTouch menu icon.